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Tips and Strategies for a Successful Job Search Campaign

1. Know what you want to do and “who” you want to be

You wouldn’t believe the number of people who start their job search and begin sending out resumes when they have no idea what they want to do for a living. If you don’t know, then how is anyone else to know? You must be clear about your objectives – type of position, type of company, geographic preference – before you ever begin your search. If you’re uncertain about your career goals and job objectives, consider completing a few career assessments that will help you identify your top skills, motivators and career preferences.  CareerSource Heartland can assist you in focusing on your objectives.

2. Write a powerful, accomplishment-oriented resume.

No fluff, no grandiose statements, just the facts – written in a hard-hitting presentation that sells your skills, qualifications, contributions and success. Be sure your resume is dynamic and focuses on the value you bring to an organization.

If you need assistance in writing that resume presentation, you can seek help from CareerSource Heartland career specialists.   We offer classes on resume development. Check our website calendar for when these courses are offered in your area.

3. Making the Commitment—NETWORK!

You’ve heard it said over and over – there is no better way to find a new position than to contact everyone you know. More than 80% of all positions are filled through networking contacts. Are you working your network to your best advantage? And, are you reciprocating? Remember, networking is a two-way street. You do for them and they’ll do for you! 

4. Practice your interviewing skills.

Your ability to interview well can “make or break” you in your job search. As such, be sure that you are well practiced, able to answer tough questions, and effective in communicating your skills and accomplishments. No matter how talented you are or how well written your resume, if you don’t interview well, you won’t get offers. If need be, utilize an interview coach to be sure that you can nail each and every interview – phone screening, in-person, panel, group or teleconference.

CareerSource Heartland can assist with your interview skills.  We offer several interview skills classes as well as simulated mock interviews.  Please see our website calendar for information  as to when these offerings are available in DeSoto, Hardee, and Highlands counties.

5. Staying Motivated during your Job Search.

Job search can often be a frustrating experience. Most important, don’t go it alone. If you can, build a strong support network, which may include your family, friends, colleagues, mentors and others. These people will help keep your spirits lifted during the tough times, help you feel and act more confidently, and help move your entire job search along faster and more successfully. Keep your self-image positive. Don’t take rejections personally. Treat yourself with respect.

Make CareerSource Heartland part of your network. We are here to help assist you with career opportunities.

More Tips and Strategy Links

Demand Occupations List

Each year, Florida's Workforce Estimating Conference meets to review and update the State and Regional Demand Occupations Lists. These lists are developed after thorough review of current economic conditions combined with labor market information to define occupations needed for the workforce system.

CareerSource Heartland reviews this list as presented by the State, as well, and based on local workforce needs and input from partners in the communities of Region 19 makes any necessary changes or revisions. After the Board of Director's approval of any necessary changes, the list is submitted to CareerSource Florida, Inc..

The Demand Occupation Lists govern the funding and provision of training programs being offered to individuals within the workforce system in compliance with federal and state law. An individual seeking assistance with training and/or funding must be training in an occupation on the Regional Demand Occupations List.

The following links provide the job title, expected number and growth in openings and wage information for occupations in demand.

2018 - 2019 Regional Demand Occupations List (DOL)


Job Seekers - Veterans Services

CareerSource Heartland is fully prepared to assist veterans in DeSoto, Hardee, Highlands and Okeechobee counties with their employment and training needs. We offer a wealth of resources. Veterans can work with an employment specialist at any of our Centers to find jobs, acquire information on skills and education, career planning, attend workshops and take advantage of many other resources.

Priority of Service

As a veteran, you are given preference over non-veterans in the provision of services available at CareerSource Heartland.

Eligible veterans may receive but are not limited to the following services:

  • Employment/Career Choice Counseling

  • Job Registration

  • Initial Assessment

  • Vocational and Interest/Aptitude Testing

  • Job Search and Placement Assistance

  • Labor Market Information

  • Resource Referrals

Employers - 10 Reasons to Hire Veterans

  1. Accelerated learning curve
  2. Leadership ability
  3. Teamwork
  4. Diversity and inclusion in action
  5. Efficient performance under pressure
  6. Respect for procedures
  7. Technology and globalization
  8. Integrity
  9. Conscious of health and safety
  10. Triumph over adversity

Returning Heroes Tax Credit is a hiring tax credit to provide incentive to hire unemployed veterans with a possible credit of up to $5,600.

Wounded Warrior Tax Credit provides credits for long-term unemployed veterans with service-connected disabilities. This tax credit may provide up to $9,600.

Useful Resource/Links

My Next Move - For Veterans

For Career Assistance and Useful Links for Veterans-Click Here!




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We encourage veterans to attend one of our many workshops including Resume Preparation, Job Interview skills, and other events to assist in obtaining a career.
Gold Card for Veterans
Your Gold Card entitles you to enhanced services. Click on the Gold Card for more details.

Resources Available

The Resource Room is available for use by ALL citizens and employers.

Available resources for workforce related activity include:

  • Computers with Internet access

  • Posted classified ad & other job openings

  • State and local business job applications

  • Initial assessment of skill levels, aptitudes, & abilities

  • Job search and placement assistance

  • Labor Market Information

  • Employability Skills Workshops

  • Facsimile and copying services

  • Workspace and phone access

  • Videos on  various  employment topics

  • Information on Veteran Services, Trade Act Services, & the Migrant Seasonal Farm Worker Program

  • Information on educational and training opportunities and financial resources

  • Assistive technology for individuals with disabilities


Resources Available from our Partners:

The following resources are available and accessible from our centers on request.

  • GED preparation

  • Vocational Rehabilitation