CareerSource Heartland Strategic Plan (2016)

As required under Title I of the Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act (WIOA), the plan is modified and updated every four years.  The document is part of the State of Florida Workforce Investment plan and includes strategies for the provision of comprehensive services offered in the quad-county region.

CareerSource Heartland's comprehensive strategic plan provides a business demand driven strategy for the delivery of services and development of a regional talent development strategy.

The plan includes:

  • Our Organizational Structure
  • Local Workforce Development Area Vision and Strategic Goals
  • An Analysis of Need and Available Resources
  • Description of the Local One-Stop System
  • Description of Program Services
  • Regional Planning Analysis

View the Plan:  Strategic Plan 2016

View the Local Plan revised 06/22/2018: Click Here.

View the 2020 Local Plan: Click Here.

View the Addendum:  Migrant Seasonal Farmworkers Plan 2016